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Brad Bjelke, CEO of, Receives the Shuttleworth MLS Executive of the Year Award


Congratulations to our CEO, Brad Bjelke, for receiving the Shuttleworth MLS Executive of the Year Award from the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) on September 30th. Brad is the eighth recipient in the history of this award from CMLS, which has 200+ MLS organizations, and is the most prestigious award given in the MLS Industry.

The award recognizes leaders who exhibit the highest qualities of leadership within their organizations and demonstrate a dedication to excellence in building a better real estate marketplace.

Brad Bjelke, CEO of, Receives the Shuttleworth MLS Executive of the Year Award

Ryan Kirkham, Chair of the Board of Directors, said the following about Brad, “Our Board is thrilled that Brad has been awarded the 2022 Shuttleworth MLS Executive of the Year award. We’re fortunate that Brad came to Utah to lead our MLS more than seven years ago. He’s a very talented leader, hardworking, consistent, ethical, and has a high acumen for all things related to the real estate industry. We’re fortunate that he’s the CEO of and know that his influence is profound throughout the MLS world.”

Click the link below for the CMLS news article: Receives Leading Edge Award

By recently received the Real Estate Standards Organization’s (RESO) Leading Edge Award for outstanding leadership in the advancement of real estate data standards.

RESO is an organization that creates data standards and processes to promote efficiencies for participants in real estate transactions. Its member organizations include MLSs, brokerages, REALTOR® associations, and technology partners. was the first organization to achieve the RESO Data Dictionary Platinum Certification, and it was the first MLS in the country to require all of its technology partners to consume real estate data via the RESO Web API.

Leading Edge RESO Award partners with SkySlope Forms to provide a best-in-class digital forms solution


Handing Key Over Signed Forms agents will soon have full access to digital forms management and esignatures as a member benefit inside SkySlope Forms

SACRAMENTO, California — SkySlope, the leader in real estate transaction and brokerage software, is launching its premier forms product, SkySlope Forms and digital signature product, SkySlope DigiSign, as a benefit to members of (“URE”) is the largest multiple listing service in Utah and one of the largest in the nation, serving approximately 96% of the REALTORS in the state.

SkySlope’s suite of products will enable URE’s agents and brokers to centralize their forms and route important real estate documents for electronic signatures. URE members will have full access to state association forms, MLS forms, and other important documents that are necessary to complete a real estate transaction in the state of Utah.

As the transaction management platform that serves over half of the top 20 largest brokerages in the nation, SkySlope is known for its 24/7 award-winning technical support and customized onboarding and training from a knowledgeable customer success team.

URE members do not need to be current SkySlope customers to access and use SkySlope Forms. They will be able to utilize a single sign-on link from the URE MLS software and navigate directly to SkySlope Forms from within the MLS, making the experience seamless and simple. Agents who currently use SkySlope’s transaction management platform will also experience a frictionless transition between their forms and file submission.

SkySlope Forms for members includes:

  • Data synced from the MLS to UAR Forms
  • Quick-entry fields for easy form preparation
  • Auto-updated data across all forms and templates
  • Free and unlimited signatures with SkySlope DigiSign
  • Seamless integration with SkySlope transactions for brokerages that use SkySlope transaction management

“The way Realtors work today is changing as they take on more clients, adjust to market swings, and adopt more tech,” says Buck Avey, VP of Product at SkySlope. “At SkySlope, we are driven to provide tools that make an immediate impact in our customers’ lives which is why we designed SkySlope Forms to be simple, flexible, and user-friendly. We are excited to work with to provide this benefit to all of its members.”

Brad Bjelke, CEO of commented, “We are very excited to partner with SkySlope to offer forms and e-signatures to our members. At, we take pride in being visionaries for our market, and we continually look for ways to provide our brokers and agents with the best tools available. We believe our partnership with SkySlope will help foster an even more efficient and vibrant real estate marketplace for real estate professionals and consumers in the state of Utah.”

SkySlope Forms is also available in select states in the U.S. and Canada and will continue launching in additional regions throughout 2022

For more information about SkySlope Forms, visit SkySlope Forms.


About SkySlope

Established in 2011, SkySlope is a comprehensive transaction management platform for brokers, agents, auditors, and transaction coordinators to manage real estate transactions from anywhere at any time. In 2021, over 307,000 agents across 8,000 offices used SkySlope to manage 3M transactions. SkySlope provides digital transaction management and services to help agents and brokers be more efficient and compliant. From automation to integrations, SkySlope’s vision is to keep agents and brokers connected to the customer forever. For more information about SkySlope, visit SkySlope.


Founded in 1994, is the leading provider of real estate technology in Utah and one of the largest Multiple Listing Services in the United States. The company provides one of the top-ranked real estate websites in the state and serves approximately 19,000 real estate professionals (approximately 96% of all REALTORS® in the state of Utah) and over 8 million consumers each year.

Salt Lake City, Utah Forecasted to be the Top Housing Market in 2022


Salt Lake City, Utah

In a recent article by®, Salt Lake City, Utah topped the list for the projected hottest housing markets in 2022. The report forecasts Salt Lake City seeing a 15.2% increase in home sales and a staggering 8.5% increase in price change.

Median home price for Salt Lake residents over the last year, according to®, is $564,062. Should their forecast be correct, the median house price will rise over $600,000 in the next 12 months.® is projecting a 6.6% increase in national home sales growth with a 2.9% increase in home price growth. When comparing both projections, Salt Lake City almost triples these national numbers. notes the city’s booming tech industry and the increasing remote work options created by the pandemic as reasons for Salt Lake’s increased popularity. The company also states that many of Salt Lake’s future residents will arrive from California and Colorado, and that they are looking for more affordable homes while retaining their current occupations. Utah’s outdoor activities also have a draw to those looking to move in 2022.

Utah has witnessed major increases in home value and real estate development over the last year due to the factors above. Because of high demand for housing, as well as an expanding economy, those who own homes should be able to look forward to continuing growth in their equity.® believes that the cities ranked higher on their list will see an increase in the strength of their local economies and tech sector job growth while maintaining affordability. When looking at other cities in the top ten, the mountain West, Midwest, and New England look to be the strongest markets in the coming year. Boise, Idaho and Spokane, Washington follow closely behind Salt Lake City in the forecast.

To read the full article and see where other cities ranked, click here.