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By ranked 24 out of 522 MLSs in the country

In the 2023 release of T3 Sixty’s Real Estate Almanac, ranked as the 24th largest MLS out of 552 MLSs nationwide. According to T3 Sixty, currently serves approximately 97% of REALTORS® in the state of Utah. is one of the few MLSs in the United States that has a strong presence in every city and county in its home state, and the organization has witnessed significant growth in Southern Utah, an area once serviced by a handful of small MLSs. URE now serves approximately 600 agents in Washington, Iron, and Kane counties, reflecting a membership increase of more than 200% in the past 5 years. has been serving its members since 1994 and continues to grow year after year with cutting-edge MLS technology. In 2023 alone, the company has released a brand new MLS-owned, showings software, Aligned Showings, along with announcements about new AI technology and floor plan technology for its members coming soon.

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CubiCasa’s Partnership Program to Launch in Utah along with’s New Floor Plan Upload Tool

Sandy, UT – February 7, 2023 – (URE), which serves approximately 20,000 real estate professionals and nearly 96% of all REALTORS® in the state of Utah, has partnered with CubiCasa, a global-reaching real estate software company that provides easy-to-use floor plan creation software. Once launched, URE members will have a seamless integration with CubiCasa’s mobile application that will enable URE members to scan and create property floor plans using CubiCasa’s software. will also be releasing innovative listing management features that enable the floor plan to become more than just a photo within a listing.  

Brad Bjelke, CEO of, said “Floor plans add a visual data set to property listings, and they are very popular with consumers searching for properties. At, we control our technology platform, and we can build tools for our members that make the floor plan listing integration easy to use and efficient. We will be the first MLS in the country to do more than simply allow an agent to add a floorplan into the photo carousel, as we create new features that will enable access to the floor plans by our members, their clients, and our data licensing partners. In today’s constantly evolving real estate market, it is important that we provide as much data and information on a property as possible, and CubiCasa is empowering our members to do just that.”

Launched in December 2022, CubiCasa’s MLS Partnership Program enables members to create free floor plans using CubiCasa’s mobile application, a discounted rate on optional add-on features, and access to an active directory of real estate photographers who are currently using CubiCasa. MLSs can also receive trustworthy and digitized property information to help reinforce the MLS as the center of making local real estate markets work effectively.

“In launching this program, we wanted to further empower key industry participants to include digital floor plans on every listing in the U.S.,” said Jeff Allen, President of CubiCasa. “The addition of underscores the success and momentum we are seeing for digital floor plans within MLS organizations across the country, and we look forward to playing an integral role in providing a better experience for agents and buyers across Utah.”

To help better highlight floor plans that are added to listings, will be developing a new media upload tool for their MLS system specifically for uploading floor plans to listings. This new tool will clearly distinguish floor plans from other media (photos, tours, etc.), which believes will give agents and their clients the means to better understand the layout of a home before physically visiting the location.

The CubiCasa app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more about CubiCasa’s free floor plan scanning app, visit


Founded in 1994, is the leading provider of real estate technology in Utah and one of the largest Multiple Listing Services in the United States. The company provides one of the top-ranked real estate websites in the state and serves approximately 20,000 real estate professionals (which is nearly 96% of all REALTORS® in the state of Utah) and over 8 million consumers each year.

About CubiCasa

Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, CubiCasa is the global market leader in mobile indoor scanning and is known for its fast and easy-to-use floor plan app on the App Store and Google Play Store. CubiCasa’s technology is used in 172 different countries and has helped create over 1 million floor plans to date. CubiCasa provides technology for the real estate, appraisal, and mortgage industries and is on a mission to digitize real estate. Learn more at

Brad Bjelke Named Newsmaker by RIS Media


Congratulations to Brad Bjelke, CEO of, for being named a 2023 RISMedia Newsmaker. Brad was named as a top Influencer by the publication for his work this year to grow and expand and his leadership of MLS Aligned. This is Brad’s 4th straight recognition by RIS Media which is a remarkable achievement.

RISMedia is one of the top real estate news publications in the country, and its annual list of “Newsmakers” honors a small group of real estate leaders who made headlines and created positive change in the industry.

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The first MLS-owned Showing Software on the market launches with excitement in Utah + Aligned Showings

SANDY, UT – January 30, 2023 – (URE), a multiple listing service providing software and services to approximately 20,000 real estate professionals, today launched Aligned Showings, a new and modern showing management software. Aligned Showings will be included as a free member benefit product for URE members and is deeply integrated into URE’s suite of products, including its industry leading MLS software.

Brad Bjelke, CEO of, said, “Aligned Showings gives our members a tool that is easy to use, modern in design, and focused on the core aspects of showing properties. It allows for interactivity between the listing agent, showing agent, and the homeowner, and it simplifies the calendaring of appointments. With the software being owned by MLS Aligned, we know that all future changes and enhancements will be laser focused on the needs of our members and their clients.”

As part of the rollout, URE’s technology team built and released a new Showing Software Options feature within the MLS’ listing input module that provides its members with a listing-by-listing choice of showing software options. URE’s technology allows the company to offer limitless options to its members in the future.

Aligned Showings is the first large scale software product offered by MLS Aligned, LLC, which is a company owned by six of the largest MLSs in the United States and whose membership totals approximately 150,000 real estate professionals. is one of MLS Aligned’s founding members.

About Aligned Showings

Aligned showings is a premier showings and messaging system that allows real estate agents to communicate and schedule showings through their MLS membership. Aligned Showings is owned and operated by MLS Aligned, LLC, and it focuses its development on the needs of agents and clients.


Founded in 1994, is the leading provider of real estate technology in Utah and one of the largest Multiple Listing Services in the United States. The company provides one of the top- ranked real estate websites in the state and serves approximately 20,000 real estate professionals (approximately 96% of all REALTORS® in the state of Utah) and over 8 million consumers each year.

About MLS Aligned, LLC

MLS Aligned, LLC, is owned by six forward thinking multiple listing service organizations with the intent to develop software to solve pain points in the real estate industry. It now services MLS organizations from coast to coast, serving more than 150,000 real estate professionals.

Brad Bjelke Ranked in the Top 200 Most Influential Leaders in the Real Estate Industry


Brad Bjelke Ranked in the Top 200 Most Influential Leaders in the Real Estate Industry

Congratulations to Brad Bjelke, CEO of, on being recognized as one of the 200 most influential and respected leaders in the real estate industry by T3 Sixty. T3 Sixty is one of the most trusted advisors in real estate, and this marks Brad’s 4th year in a row to be ranked on their Power 200 list.

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CEO of, Brad Bjelke, Elected to the CMLS Board of Directors


Brad Bjelke Elected CMLS Director

Congratulations to Brad Bjelke, CEO of, for being elected to serve a three-year term on The Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) Board of Directors. This will be the second three-year term that Bjelke has been elected to serve on the board.

CMLS is an association of over 228 Multiple Listing Services, serving over 1.7 million subscribers across the nation. Bjelke has been heavily involved with CMLS in the last 5 years. He and his staff hosted CMLS’s annual conference in Salt Lake City in 2019 while serving his previous term. He was also Chair of the Board in 2020 and won the CMLS Shuttleworth MLS Executive of the Year Award in 2022 for his outstanding leadership in the MLS industry.

Directors are elected by the general membership of CMLS. Bjelke will assume his role as CMLS Director on January 1, 2023.

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