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A Few Winter Tips to Keep Your Home Warm and Your Bills Low


WinterMain-01It’s the season where cold and snowy days are more common than not. When you come home you want to walk into a warm, cozy area to get out of the chilly weather without paying a lot in utility costs. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your energy bills down while keeping your home warm.

Check the furnace filter

Filters should be changed out every month to keep your furnace running smoothly. Doing this will increase airflow, up your heaters performance, and improve the air quality in your home.

Get a programmable thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat allows you to lower the temperature of your home while you’re away or asleep. Doing this will help cut costs on your energy bill since your home won’t be heating all day.

Close the fireplace damper

This is a place that is often forgotten when it comes to sealing up drafts. Be sure to close the damper so cool air does not come in through the chimney.

Check doors and windows for air leaks

Even the smallest cracks can cause drafts that will bring the cool air in your home. Use weather stripping and caulk to seal up your doors and windows.

Turn the water heater down

There is no need to keep your water heater at the highest temperature at all times. Turn it down to a warm setting to save on energy costs.

Ski Season in Utah


Man skiing downhill
Ski season is almost upon us, and like many Utah residents, you’re likely itching to hit the powder. Utah is known for having some of the greatest snow, and people from all around come to experience it. Each ski resort has something unique to offer and open at different times of the season. Take a look at this list to find out when your favorite will open, or possibly find a new location to try.
Salt Lake Ski Resorts
Alta Ski Resort – Open November 22, 2017
Brighton Ski Resort – Open mid November
Snowbird – Open November 22, 2017
Solitude Ski Resort – Open December 2, 2017
Park City Ski Resorts
Deer Valley Ski Resort – Open December 2, 2017
Park City Ski Resort – Open November, 17, 2017
Sundance Resort – Open December 8, 2017
Northern Utah Resorts
Nordic Valley Ski Resort – Open December 9, 2017
Beaver Mountain Resort – Open Mid December 2017
Powder Mountain Resort – Open Mid December 2017
Snowbasin Ski Resort – Open November 22, 2017
Southern Utah Resorts
Brian Head Resort – Open November 17, 2017
Eagle Point Resort – Open December 21, 2017

Monthly Market Stats – May 2017


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